Business Center Lookup

Use the table below to look up information about Business Center service areas and staff members.

  • VC College - For each college/vice chancellor area, find the Business Officer and Dean/Vice Chancellor.
  • Subprogram and Dept - For each subprogram/department combination, find the associated business center.
  • Org Units - For each org unit, find the associated business center, college/vice chancellor area, business manager(s), business officer, and department head.
  • Business Officers - Find a business officer and the college/vice chancellor area they serve.
  • Business Centers - Find a list of business centers and their managers.
  • Business Managers - Find a business center manager, the business center they serve and their area of focus (HR, Financial or both), if specified. 
  • Business Center Staff - Find each business center's staff members and their roles as business manager, financial, HR, or other.

Attention Business Managers: If there are corrections or edits needed in the lists below, please email